“I’m a rodeo clown,” he said in an interview, adding with a coy smile, “It takes great skill.

Rodeo Clowns – Not that funny

Glenn Beck calls himself a “rodeo clown” and all we hear is “clown” . when we hear “clown” we think “circus clown”. Not men who throw themselves in front of pissed off brahma bulls to distract them from and to protect the thrown rider. Rodeo Clowns. Yes, they will make you laugh, but they will make you gasp when you see them using their speed and agility to distract a bull from trying to gore the puny human that was clinging to its back like a leech seconds earlier.

“A bullfighter or rodeo clown, also known as a rodeo protection athlete, is a rodeo performer who works in bull riding competitions. The primary job of the bullfighter is to protect a fallen rider from the bull, whether the rider has been bucked off or has jumped off of the animal. The bullfighter distracts the bull and provides an alternative target for the bull to chase. To this end, they wear bright, loose-fitting clothes that are designed to tear away, with protective gear fitted underneath. [1] Staying true to the earlier name of the job, rodeo clowns often wear clown makeup and some may also provide traditional clowning entertainment for the crowd between rodeo events, often parodying aspects of cowboy culture… Bullfighters require speed, agility and ability to predetermine a bull’s next move when possible.[1] The job is very dangerous because the regular exposure to large, athletic bulls, exposes bullfighters to a range of potential injuries from the bulls. As a result, injuries are common and can be fatal.” Source

Yes, he’s just a clown. Right. he’s the distraction (or one of the distractions) to save the ‘rider’ from being gored.

But the question is this: Who/What is he deflecting attention from?