Why can’t New Age paga-wiccans™ design with taste?

As a non-believer in the Christian God, a distinct entity from the Jewish God or the Islamic God, all have their failings, it still doesn’t explain the utter tackiness of paga-wiccan imagination when it comes to cafepress t-shirt design. Now admittedly, I’m toss all designer of cafepress t-shirts into the same Wickerman, but hear me out.

I just found a cafe press store by something named ooky spooky newey agey “Ravynwolfe” love the chimeric name, don’t you? which part is the “ravyn” and which part is “wolfe”? With 1960’s flower power clocks and “Wiccatoria” (sounds like a cafeteria where wiccan is served au juis) Wiccan on the half-shell?
Looking at the “Cast a Spell” t-shirt, the image it looks like it was done in apple’s “Pages” or “MS Paint”. it’s messy and unreadable. Orange, is the dominant color along with ugly tones of green that does a great disservice to Irish pagans everywhere.

No real creativity to see here. Move along, now.

16 thoughts on “Why can’t New Age paga-wiccans™ design with taste?

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  2. It is one thing to comment on the tackiness or taste of someone’s artwork, but to comment on someone’s religion without knowing what you’re talking about isn’t really very funny. Now George Carlin knows what he’s talking about so he’s funny. You are not.

    Christianity, true Christianity pre-dates the Jesus story. Do some research, the top religious scholars in the world know this. So yes, you can be very much a pagan who follows the old ways. I know because I am one myself. And I don’t fit your stereotypes in any way.

    So perhaps you can see where your hate-mongering language missed the joke. In fact, you are not funny. Trying to copy much better blogs that are out there commenting on the funny and tasteless on the net, well, you just don’t cut it.

    Sorry, it must be your backward Christian, racist, kkk meetings that do it to you – I mean, the name ‘Magpie’ – you must be a bird lover which makes you a total flake because all bird lovers are flakes. Oh wait, that’s making a hateful, untrue, unfounded, unresearched stereotype about you. How would you like to find a blog posting on the net talking about you and your blog making a statement about what you believe and what you mean by what you’re saying when it’s not at all what you believe? Really think about that for a moment. If you are a Christian yourself, you will know that you should do unto others as you would have done unto you.

    Hope you “get it” and make an apology for the religious slurs. As for the commentary on the taste and/or tackiness of someone’s t-shirts, I’m sure they can deal with that – either as a good joke on themselves or as a bit of contructive criticism.

    1. I know this will be met with the usual reading incomprehension, but how did this go from someone’s tacky wares to my being anti-Christian? Stephen Harper should be proud

  3. also Angry Magpie,just for the record,you know nothing,nothing,about the first born,Nor would you find yourself welcome on any reservations,Besides the sage would be too powerful for the likes of you.

  4. Burn the sage for a very sad,spewing ,nothing better to do,angry,loney,very loney woman.Anyone can write with anger,Smart?I think not,just a sad soul,lost in this world.with that I am off to my gifted and very loved world.Filled with good words,happiness and love,sorry Magpie,you chose your loney,angry World to live in.Little Sparrow.or my new name,Birdie.

  5. keliel,

    Do you truly realize the VALUE of your brash, ungentlemanly dishonourable internet flame wars with others? Do you truly know how COMMONPLACE your attitude and arguments actually are? You are one in MILLIONS of internet users who speak exactly the same way and get the exact same result in the end. There used to be a phrase… “A dime a dozen”. I’d suggest that’s far too generous a truth to compare with your commonality (and type) with today’s people. I won’t get into the value of such lessons, but they are most certainly required and are about to arrive, BY YOUR REQUEST. Reply with as much hatred and foul energy as you can possibly muster against us, by all means… all the more to work with at the next event. May you learn your lessons well and enjoy the ride… it’s all yours, by loving request… and so shall you receive by loving reply to that which you desire so badly. I, for one, shant deny you your deepest creations and expectations. You are what you create (receive yourself well, and enjoy).

  6. Sorry dear friend,All I can say is that is one negative person,I’ll burn some sage,some things are better left unsaid,and she’s one,I’m sure she can do better?your shirts are great.LolDorothy Little Sparrow

    1. Dear Birdie, Negative? No. and if my comments require the burning of sage to dispel the “meanie head vibes, well, she needs to work on strengthen herself, and not relying on sage. oh, and the overuse of sage leads to ones domicile to stink like a locker room in July.

      The 40 Year Old Magpie

  7. I leave this as my last comment to you. I decided that to go on about this only has me buy into something very negative which does not help anyone. And by the way…the fantasyland comment? I don’t read fantasy and never have. Prejudgements about Pagans and Christians are a nasty thing that we should all drop I believe.
    I only ask that perhaps before you insult someone’s personal name or tradition that you consider that you may not know them, their life and who they really are and your slapdash judgement on them is coloured by your own preconceptions. I wish you joy and light in your path of choice.

  8. My pagan name was given to me by my power animals twenty two years ago. In many pagan and native american and first nations traditions, a name is either bestowed upon you by your letting the old self die away and birthing your new being into life, or by something great that has happenned to you. I’m 47 years of age and have been Pagan all my life and Wiccan for at least the last 22 years. A name is a powerful thing in my faith. You don’t like it…understood. I have nothing against your not liking my stuff. To each his/her own. I’ve seen good and bad pagan and Christian articles on cafepress. I’ve just started mine early into February and hope to get better as I go along. The picture you talked about, Cast a spell, had only the white of the eyes made brighter and the words below it added. The rest of it was totally captured by a camera without anything else added. Many pagan people that I know, actually like it..fancy that! Also I can’t see anything wrong with my Kiss me I’m an Irish Pagan t-shirt. I love the colour green and how that puts down an Irish pagan when you prefaced the whole critique by saying “all those not believing in the Christian God” are failing….I think you put them down far more by those words. I am also a Christian Gnostic and totally believe in the Christian God..because for me all Gods are just one facet of the ONE God. Everyone has their opinions about whether something looks good or not but I dare say putting down someone’s traditions in their faith vis-a-vis their craft name is far tackier and UnChristian than adding a colour to a shirt that you don’t like. After thinking this all over….and where you are coming from, I decided that you have done me a good thing by putting more advertisement to my products…so I thankyou for that. I wish you well in your path in life, Blessings of Christ to you.

    1. ok…. let me get this straight. You are Pagan, yet you bless me with the “Christ” Christianity was forced upon the first Nations, so I doubt they’d be happy with the conflation. Second. the faux use of “olde english spelling is worthy of ridicule in and of itself. Third, what the hell are you blathering on about?

      More to the point, you reveal yourself to be a New Age ChristoPagaWiccan. You cannot be a Pagan and be a Christian anymore than you can a little pregnant.

      Paganism and Christianity are inimical to each other. and no conflation of the Sacrificial King can change that

      The 40 Year Old Magpie

  9. Well everyone has their own likes and dislikes my friend. My pagan name has been my name for over twenty years and I don’t personally go around making fun of other faiths. I appreciate that there will always be those that like what you do or not. I suspect you are the latter. I can see by your words “new agey paga-wiccans” that you don’t have much respect for those in that faith to begin with. I wish you well. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Teh GO_ogle is an amazing thing for gO_ogling your name. I have great respect for all Faiths. What I do not have respect for, and hence your immortalization here, is for tacky “crafte names” that come straight from Fantasyland. I’d have as much derision for someone name “Beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks’ jones. IT’S THE ONE TOO MANY FANTASY NOVEL that annoys the crap out of me. On the other hand, actually looking into a pagan name that means something probablyl was too much to you, and your wares are so tacky, that it is evident, that The Muses bypassed you.

      I am,
      The 40 Year Old Magpie

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