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“For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.” Attributed to Jesus, this is a stark, and unbelievable redefinition of God’s command in Deuteronomy: “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” Indeed, in Leviticus we are informed that we, as communal whole are Obligated to treat the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the stranger with the same respect we give to those in a better state. We are Obligated to pay a worker their wages, and not steal it. Lest you argue that Deuteronomy only “applies to the Jews (Israelites)’ you are lacking. If Jesus actually said what Matthew reported, then, he’s a bigger prick than Caesar or Herod ever was. Why? Because the “son of god”, with that phrase shows him as petty and jealous as Ba’al. Not to mention the utter lack of human kindness of Rome’s Deities.

To those on the extreme edge of the Republican Party, parity, regard for those less fortunate who are outcast through no error of their own, keeping them housed fed, employed is “socialism”. They reject the humanity that god commands and instead, revel in the inhumanity of god. The god of the Israelites is quite the Janus.

On my Facebook Wall one day, I posted the sections from Leviticus that informed us of the above obligations of Deuteronomy


and I was taken to task as these injunctions “shouldn’t apply to government”. Needless to say, I was stunned and let it rest, since I knew debating this would go nowhere. The extreme evangelicals have decided to only preach the negative, as we see in their interfering in government law-making from Uganda to Russia with their anti-LGBT legislation, or should I say their License to Murder legislation? The extremists on the Far Rightwing have been fairly successful in ginning up fear and loathing of anyone not “Them” and spreading fear among those in the Republican Party that disagree with their “policies” of “MINE!”

It is, in my opinion, time for those in the Republican Party who disagree and fear where their Party is heading to not just stand up, but to call them repeatedly out. It is time for them to stand up to FOX, the rising and corrupt Oligarchs, and trample the base that working to destroy the Grand Old Party. We must call out the worshipers of Putin for what they are:


Let the hormone(ing) begin!

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I began my hormonal therapy today, and will be doing that for the next five years. And with the exception of some mild nausea I’m doing okay. I’m taking part in a study to see if there is a genetic component to the side effects with this medication. Making cheesecake out of apricot crumble.

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My first NaNoWriMo

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A few years ago, I did the “write a script in 30 days” for naNo, and now, I am challenging myself to write and FINISH a novel in 30…..

Will I succeed? Or suck eggs?

UPDATE:  It’s now Nov29, and I can happily report that my NaNoWriMo outing has ended in less than 4 pages…


There’s next year.

And, now a song from Rocky Mountain MIke.

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Week 9 Chemo Update

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Well, two weeks ago, I clipped all my hair off, after most of it was left ing my brush and comb over the previous 6 weeks. Yes, the hair loss was that fast for me, truthfully, it’s better than nausea. Other unpleasant effects over the last week has been the loss of appetite and a metallic taste. Tiredness is ever-present.

After this next course, I have three weeks of the taxol+herceptin course, which is followed by about six weeks of radiation+herceptin. THAT will be followed by simply the herceptin for the duration of chemo.

And, now for some lovely pictures I shot with my Canon G10 at Riverside Park

The tunnel to the Hudson River Greenway

The tunnel to the Hudson River Greenway

Life at ground level Walk this wayI am thankfully for all my friends and family for the support.

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I never felt I belonged anywhere. I felt “outside”. Even within my family, I felt like I didn’t quite belong there. Still do.  Why I feel this way, I don’t really know. I made a decision decades ago, that with exceptions, the people I knew just didn’t want to be around me. I’d want to call and ask if they wanted to go to the movies or something, but something inside me stopped me by telling me I’d be wasting my time.

This nonsense was amplified when I became brain injured and then homeless. Added to these feelings was an embarrassment and shame due to my inability to discuss contemporary culture. How can you watch the latest, hottest shows go to the theater or even read a book when you have no attention span, or even access to a tv?

Two years ago, I hospitalized myself because jumping out a window seemed a good idea. I am dealing with major depression. I lived in shelters for about a year -  you can read my series “The Sheltered Existence” on this blog it wasn’t a great experience, it wasn’t bad, either. it was what it was.

I’m in a stable environment, and was just getting myself stable, when Stage 1 breast cancer kneecapped me. Diagnosed in March, surgery in May, Chemo began in June. It’s amplified my depression. It’s made somewhat of a prisoner in my 200sq ft of studio.  Just because I get dressed and decide to go out, doesn’t mean it will happen.

I’m going to be live streaming the Farewell to My Hair, as enough of it has fallen out to reveal islands of scalp. My friends will be watching from California to hear in NYC and cheering me on. Tonight, I found out that crazy improvisers from the Magnet Musical Mixer miss me.

Truthfully, it made me cry.
I don’t feel too much of an outsider anymore.

On the 2nd Week of Chemo

I more or less survived m first week. I reacted badly to the Taxol, and now I get dosed with Benadryl before I get the drugs. I’m taking part in a study, so I get infused with calcium and magnesium before I get the Benadryl and the taxol & herceptin. the entire process is an all day affair. Benadryl knocks puts me to sleep. So far, no nausea, with the anti-nausea meds, but I am dealing with acne.


I am working on keeping to as normal a schedule as I can. Stay tuned.

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SovoCits & the 2nd Amendmet

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SovCit. No, I am not referring to Citizens of the former USSR, no I am referring to “Sovereign Citizens” Those “Americans” who think themselves above all laws of their State and Country. Who will not pay taxes, drive with licenses or insurance, and who use th elaws they so despise to harrass the Courts and indiviuals who disagree with them. SovCits, and others believe their 2nd Amendment Rigth to carry trumps everyone elses 4th Amendment Right to be safe in their Persons, Possessions and Home. The intolerance shown toward those who are not like “them” is telling. Their support for unfettered access to firearms enriches the Black Market for firearms aroud the World & provides felons, drug dealers, domestic abusers, the severly mentally ill, and terrorists access to firearms via the Gun Show Loophole. Yet these same “Patriots” yelled and howled over the debacle that was Fast and Furious.

To be clear, I support the Constitution in all it’s Glory, yet I must wonder how past generations, of men and women looking down (or up) at what Mass Hysteria has wrought and are shaking their heads. Too many of these individuals only see the Constitution with only two Amendments: the 2nd and the 10th. Why even a Congressman stated that our Right to Free Speech came from the SECOND. Sir, YOU are entrusted by your constituents, and the rest of America with upholding the Constitution. How can you when you clearly have no freaking clue as to what was therein.

My questionis this: How many of these SovCits, Patriots,and Militiamen are also involved in illegal arms dealing?
To you “Originalists”, So, you only wish White Landowning Males to vote? You want Slavery to return? Indentured Servitude for those who can’t pay debts? Oh,wait, we already have that. The Constitution will still give Congress the Power to regulate Trade and regulate Taxes.

Or, are you just fearful of your own shadow?


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